Assignment 3: Mid-Semester Report

Mid-Semester Presentation (March 29 & March 31): #

Each team is going to give an 8-minute presentation consisting of the following information:

  • Progress of your game development (each team member should explain his/her contribution)
  • Current Status of your game and demonstrate your game prototype
  • Updates of the company website
  • Features that you plan to implement for the final demonstration
  • To-do tasks in the future

UPDATE: Self+Peer Assessment Form (March 28) #

Each individual team member fills out the following assessment form of your individual efforts and those of your teammates: Assessment Form. Submit the form via Moodle in the Mid-Semester Assessment Forms Assignment.

Assessments forms will factor into grade calculations. You will not receive a grade for the assignment until you have submitted this form. Your assignment (for you individually) will be considered late if you submit this form after the deadline.

File Submissions (March 28): #

Upload the following files to the CS classes server (

  • Game prototype source files
  • A runnable Windows executable + data folder (if needed)
  • Updated OPPM sheet
  • Presentation slides
  • Progress report (at least 6 pages, font size 12pt, single-spaced, 1 inch margins) consisting of at least the following content:
    • Software architecture of the game
    • Features that have been implemented
    • Explain each team member’s contribution
    • Future plan

Use ONLY one team member’s account (recommend project lead’s). Upload all files to folder “prog3”. Run the following commands:

$ p_copy 3

or, if you previously submitted files:

$ p_copy -o 3

then, to verify details of submitted files:

$ verify 3

Grading: #

  • Quality of game prototype – 50%
  • Presentation – 20%
  • Documentations (report, website, and OPPM sheet) – 20%
  • Individual performance (evaluated according to OPPM and Self+Peer Assessment) – 10%

(Note: no-show team member will not receive the presentation credits without an excused absence.)