Assignment 2: Game Proposal

Proposal Presentation (February 22 & February 24) #

Each team is going to give an 8-minute presentation (with 3 minutes for feedback) consisting of the following information:

  • Name of your video game studio
  • Introduction to your team members and their roles in the studio
  • Demonstrate the website of your studio
  • Storyboards of your proposed gameplay idea

All team members must be present. Absent team members must provide documentation for an excusable absence to receive the presentation credits. If the absence is unexcused then you will not receive credit for the presentation.

File Submissions (February 21): #

Submit the following files via the Classes server ( by 11:59 pm on Monday, February 21:

  • Presentation slides
  • Storyboard sketches
  • OPPM sheet
  • Design document

Use ONLY one team member’s account (I recommend the project lead’s). Login to the classes server and create a folder named “prog2” in the home directory of your account. Use SFTP to upload all files to the “prog2” folder. Run the following commands:

$ p_copy 2

or, if you previously submitted files:

$ p_copy -o 2

then, to verify details of submitted files:

$ verify 2

Design document #

At least four pages, font size 12pt, single-spaced, 1-inch margins consisting of at least the following content:

  • Team organization
  • Game concept
  • Art style
  • Game mechanics (goals & rules)

OPPM sheet #

Use the following template: OPPM Template

Fill out the sheet by adding all planned major tasks and assigning at least one primary and one secondary owner for each task (see this Example). Mark expected completion weeks for each task that is not completed or in progress with black circles. Mark completed tasks with green circles, in-progress tasks with yellow circles, and stalled tasks with red circles.

Grading #

  • Game design – 50%
  • Presentation – 10%
  • Documentations (including storyboard, OPPM, and design document) – 20%
  • Website – 10%
  • Individual performance (evaluated according to OPPM) – 10%