Assignment 1: Individual Game

Goals #

  • Get familiar with Unity and how to create a simple game
  • Demonstrate your strength and skills in your game design

Description #

In this assignment, you’ll individually develop a game using Unity. An acceptable example of the individual game could be a pinball game developed in Unity that launches at least one ball and has two paddles (and at least some obstacles) to deflect the ball. For art students, you can create 3D models, 2D sprites, textures, etc. and import them into Unity. You need to create at least two artworks. All need to present your game in class, and submit a report on the game.

Grading #

  • Game/art design – 80%
  • Presentation – 10%
  • Report – 10%

Presentation (February 1, February 3, February 8) #

  • The presentation will be in classes on February 1, February 3, and February 8.
  • Presentation length is 2 minutes (maximum) per student.
  • The order of presentation will be posted on Moodle on January 28. Please notify me in advance if you need to reschedule the presentation date. Anyone who doesn’t present in class will not receive credits for this assignment (even if the report is submitted).
  • To present, you need to run your executable, demo your work, explain anything you did that stands out.
  • Art students also show your sketches.
  • The point of this presentation is to find compatible team mates, so talk about any strengths you have.

Report (January 31) #

Submit a report (acceptable file type: pdf, doc, and docx) on your game design and Unity implementation to Moodle. Please include screenshots of your game in the report to show the game play. For art students, include screenshots of your art works.