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Computer Science II for Majors

ClassCSC 1351 - Introduction to Computer Science II for Majors
DescriptionDevelops solutions to problems using an object-oriented approach and emphasizes the concepts of recursion; dynamic memory; data structures (lists, stacks, queues, trees); exception handling.
PrerequisiteCSC 1350: Computer Science I for Majors.

Software Systems Engineering

ClassCSC 4330 - Software Systems Development
DescriptionSoftware requirements analysis; design representation, programming methodologies; verification, validation, maintenance and software planning.
PrerequisiteCSC 3102: Advanced Data Structures, CSC 3380: Software Design Patterns.

Modern Software Engineering

ClassCSC 7700 - Modern Tactics in Software Engineering
Description Trends in software engineering research, modern mobile application stores, and new challenges of software development.
PrerequisiteCredit or registration in CSC 4330.

Empirical Software Engineering

ClassCSC 7700 - Empirical Software Engineering
DescriptionUnderstanding the scientific process and how to conduct empirical studies in the context of software engineering.
PrerequisiteCredit or registration in CSC 4330.

Programming Languages

ClassCSC 4101 - Programming Languages Design
DescriptionPrinciples of programming language design; specification of syntax and semantics; underlying implementation of block structured languages; dynamic memory allocation for strings, lists and arrays; imperative versus applicative programming; logic programming; modern programming languages.
PrerequisiteCSC 4330 - Software Systems Design.

Java Programming

ClassCSC 1350 - Computer Science I for Majors
DescriptionEmploy programming principles in problem-solving, design and analyze basic search and recursive sort algorithms, explore the fundamentals of the object-oriented programming (OOP) paradigm.
PrerequisiteCredit or registration in MATH 1550. Credit will not be given for both this course and CSC 1250 or CSC 1253.

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