Jian Zhang

Associate Professor

Division of Computer Science,
Louisiana State University

3272K Patrick Taylor Hall

Tel: (225)-578-8353

Email: zhang at csc dot lsu dot edu

I'm an associate professor in the computer science division, school of EECS at Louisiana State University. I received my PhD in computer science from Yale University. Before joining LSU, I worked for two years in the computer science lab at SRI International.

My research interest is in the area of machine learning, in particular deep learning and transfer learning. A central theme in both learning scenarios is representation learning, i.e., to learn and build a representation for high-level, abstract concepts so that robust models can be constructed to handle complex learning problems. To achieve this, deep learning employs deep neural networks and transfer learning makes further abstraction across multiple tasks. I view the ability to develop abstraction as an important key for machine learning.

I'm also interested in the applications of machine learning methods in a variety of areas such as cyber security, analysis of material simulation data and biomedical data.