SML/NJ Software

This page provides pointers to the SML/NJ software distributions.

Current Release

The current release of SML/NJ is Version 110, introduced in February 1998.

Version 110 runs under Unix, Windows 95 or Windows NT. To download and install SML/NJ 110, follow these installation instructions.

The Distribution Files

The files making up the Version 110 distribution can be found at the Bell Labs ftp site:
and at the following mirror sites (if you run a mirror site not listed here, please let us know):

Previous Release

Users of the previous release, Version 0.93 (released in 1993) should migrate to Version 110 as soon as possible. Version 0.93 is available but is no longer supported. However, for the time being it is the only version that runs on Apple Macintoshes (on 68K machines, or PowerMacs under emulation with the aid of SoftwareFPU).

Potential Downloading Problems (Bell Labs site)

We have had reports of distribution files being corrupted when downloaded via a web browser. Using ftp directly may be more reliable, but be warned that Bell Labs ftp service is incompatible with some firewalls. The ftp service on uses special stripped-down server software for security. This implementation deviates from the RFC standards in that the data call-back circuit does not originate from port 20 on the server host. Some firewalls count on this in their filtering rules. If the dir (ls) command doesn't work, this is probably the reason why. However, most ftp accesses (including browsers) these days use the passive command PASV, which has a better security model for a firewall. If all else fails, try one of the mirror sites listed above.

Working Versions

Working versions are created for internal development purposes and vary in reliability and stability. Some are robust enough for noncritical research use, others are not. Please pay careful attention to the README or NEWS file for each version before attempting to use it. These working versions can be found at

The following table gives access to README files for recent working versions and the ftp directories for working versions that are currently available for downloading. The installation instructions for the release version will generally work, mutatis mutandis, for working versions.

Recent Working Versions

README Released Software Links
110.2 98-2-16 /dist/smlnj/working/110.2
110.0.0 97-12-9 /dist/smlnj/working/110.0.0

Contributed Software

Contributed software packages can be found at
Currently this directory contains the sml-mode-3.2 emacs package, which provides an sml-mode for editing sml code, and supports running sml as a subprocess of emacs. Additional packages will be added as they become available. New Contributions welcome!

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