Standard ML of New Jersey
Version 110, December 9, 1997

This is the long awaited Version 110 release of SML/NJ. It implements the SML '97 definition, including the new Basis library (with a few minor documented discrepancies and omissions).

Version 110 is much more thoroughly tested than previous working versions, and even than the 0.93 release version, and we believe it to be fairly free of serious bugs. The bug lists are as usual available in dist/smlnj/working/bugs for reference.

We are making a preliminary announcement of 110 to our "early adopters" list to get early feedback on any problems with this version. After a week or two we plan to move 110 from the "working" directory to the "release" directory and announce to the world that 110 is available.

Recent Bug Fixes

Numbered bug fixes since 109.32:
1207. unimplemented include syntax
1228. -- various Real functions on Alpha
1284. bogus file created upon aborted run of ml-lex
1286. Flexible records and as patterns
1288. readDir returns "." and ".."
1289. readDir and rewindDir raise the wrong exception on closed dir stream
1290. OS.FileSys.fullPath raises exception on symbolic link
1291. OS.FileSys.readLink returns bogus results
1293. CharVector.mapi doesn't work with non-zero start index
1295. SMLofNJ.exportFn should complain about an empty name
1296. Datatype replication and signature matching
1297. Compile time and space performance bug
1298. TransTypes: unexpected FORMAL kind in tycTyc-h
1303. CM file problems: multiple access not detected
1304. Type printing of exceptions on top-level
1305. translation of newlines in TextIO
1308. uncaught exception Representation in Version 109.32
1312. CM.autoloading always returns false
1313. CM autoloader doesn't cope with <returnStr>.<resultStr>
1315. bogus value created (probably representation bug)
1316. type checker loops on incorrect function declaration
1317. Error: Compiler bug: EntityEnv: lookEP.1
A number of regression test failures have also been fixed in 110. Residual regression test failures or discrepancies are documented in the files in dist/smlnj/working/bugs/regression. We plan to make our regression test suites and data available in dist/smlnj/working/test soon.


The documentation for Version 110 is available at our web site
including nearly final documentation of the SML '97 Basis library and an SML '97 Conversion Guide that describes language changes but is still "under construction" at the moment. Work is continuing to improve the content and organization of the documentation, so suggestions are welcome.

The file 110-HISTORY contains slightly edited versions of the README files for working versions from 109 through 109.32.

The Distribution

The 110 distribution files are available from
(with installation instructions here)

Dave MacQueen
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