MSPLS Spring '98 Workshop

Saturday, 16 May 1998

1:30-2:00 Registration

2:00-3:30 Technical Session I

Building a Bridge between Pointer Aliases and Program Dependences
John L. Ross (Dept. of Computer Science, University of Chicago) and Mooly Sagiv, (Tel-Aviv University)
Abstract, Paper

Using Static Single Assignment Form to Improve Flow-Insensitive Pointer Analysis
Rebecca Hasti and Susan Horwitz (Computer Sciences Dept., University of Wisconsin - Madison)
Abstract, Paper

Edge Profiling vs. Path Profiling: The Showdown
Thomas Ball, Peter Mataga (Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies), and Mooly Sagiv (Tel-Aviv University)
Abstract, Paper

3:30-4:00 Break

4:00-5:30 Technical Session II

Action Transformation: An Application of Sort Inference
Kent Lee (Dept. of Computer Science, Luther College)
Abstract, Slides, Slide supplement: test0.action, Slide supplement: test0.sorts, Paper

Integration of Software Development Documents with the Software Concordance
Ethan Munson (Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee)
Abstract, Paper

Issues in the Design of SWAR Programming Models
Randall J. Fisher and Hank Dietz (Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University)


Business Meeting
Election of Gerald Baumgartner and Konstantin Läufer as new MSPLS co-presidents.

Selection of De Paul University, Chicago, as the meeting site for the Fall '98 Workshop. The workshop will be held on Saturday, 10 October 1998. It will be hosted by Karen Bernstein.

6:00-9:00 Dinner

Gerald Baumgartner