Final Game

Submit the final version of your game via the classes server.

File Submissions (May 3 by 11:59pm): #

Turn in the following files to the CS classes server ( using p_copy command:

  • Final game source files (zipped)
  • Final game executable for Windows (zipped)

Turning in files with p_copy #

Use ONLY one team member’s account (recommend project lead’s). Upload all files to folder “prog4”. Run the following commands:

$ p_copy 4

or, if you previously submitted files:

$ p_copy -o 4

then, to verify details of submitted files:

$ verify 4

Grading #

  • Mechanics (20%): Are the rules of the game easy to learn and understand? Does the game play occur at an interesting pace?
  • Aesthetics (20%): Is the game visually appealing? Is the sound design appropriate?
  • Creativity (20%): Is the game creative? Does the game demonstrate originality?
  • Playability (20%): Does the game engaging and fun to play?
  • Production Quality (20%): Do all elements of the game integrate well? Does the production meet the proposed goal?

Individuals may receive lower or higher grades than teammates based on final OPPM sheet and self+peer assessment submitted for Final Demo Assignment.