Assignment 4: Final Report

Final Presentation (April 26 and April 28): #

Each team is going to give a 8-minute presentation (strictly timed) to describe and demonstrate the finished game. Be sure to describe the following:

  • Briefly, introduce the concept of your game.
  • Demonstrate the final version of the game.
  • Demonstrate game mechanics and any emergent forms of play.
  • Highlight any capabilities that you think are impressive.

File Submissions (May 3 by 11:59pm): #

Turn in the following files via Moodle.

  • Presentation slides
  • Final OPPM sheet
  • Final project report

Final Project Report #

A summation of the final game and your design process. The report should be at least 6 single-spaced pages with 12pt font size and 1” margins, and consist of the following content:

  • Explain each team member’s contribution
  • Explain how to play your game
  • Explain game rules and mechanics
  • Explain the design trades-offs that you had to make, including what you originally envisioned versus what you accomplished.
  • Explain outcomes of playtesting and how your designs changed due to feedback.
  • Explain the overall software design:
    • Show and discuss any Finite State Machines.
    • Give high-level explanation of any AI used
    • Explain how specific visual or audio effects were achieved
    • Credit any open-source audio, artwork and code used

Self+Peer Assessment Form (May 3 by 11:59 pm): #

Each individual team member fills out the following assessment form of your individual efforts and those of your teammates: Assessment Form. Submit the form via Moodle in the Final Assessment Forms Assignment.

Assessments forms will factor into grade calculations. You will not receive a grade for the assignment until you have submitted this form. Your assignment (for you individually) will be considered late if you submit this form after the deadline.

Grading #

  • Presentation – 40%
  • Documentations (report, website, and OPPM sheet) – 50%
  • Individual performance (evaluated according to OPPM and Self+Peer Assessment) – 10%

(Note: no-show team member will not receive the presentation credits without an excused absence.)