CSC 7300  Algorithm Design and Analysis

Fall 2014, PFT 1116,  MW  2:00-3:20 pm


Instructor:  Rahul Shah,  Patrick Taylor Hall 3122A,  Office hours:  Wed 10am-12noon

Textbook: Introduction to Algorithms (second/third edition) by  Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest and Stein

Syllabus: Recurrences and Complexity, Sorting and Searching, Divide and Conquer, Dynamic  Programming, Greedy Algorithms, Data Structures, Graph Algorithms, String Matching, NP-completeness and Approximation Algorithms.

Grading:  25% Midterm, 25% Finals, 20% Homeworks, 20% Project, 10% Class/Forum Participation plus extra credits for challenge problems. Grading will be on the curve.
Homework problems can be discussed, but you must write your own answer.

Webpage:  Basic outline material will be on the webpage but most of the course materials will be accessible through Moodle (you have to login to your PAWS account).

The course will primarily focus on building Algorithmic Problem Solving skills.