CSC 3102 — Advanced Data Structures & Algorithm Analysis

Programming Project 0

The purpose of Project 0 is to orient you to the use of your account and to the details required of a correct CSC 3102 programming project.

Different instructors use in different ways. Our usage is documented here. In particular:

Install the Tools

In addition to your IDE, you’ll need two additional pieces of software to access

OS X and Linux users will find scp and ssh already installed and available from the Terminal.

Windows users commonly use WinSCP as their SCP client and PuTTY for their SSH client.

Get Familiar with the Command Line.

Here is an in-depth introduction to the Bash prompt. If you have no Bash experience, read at least the section on Basic Navigation. Much of the necessary commands are documented below.

Write the Code

The Project 0 code is a just a review:

You have undoubtedly encountered basic sorting in your Introduction to Programming coursework, so implement one of the algorithms you learned there.

To begin, create a directory called prog0 to store the project files.

If you are a Java user, add the following Java framework code into to a file named in the prog0 directory.

// Programming Project 0
// Mike Tiger VI <>

import java.util.Scanner;

public class Prog0 {
    public static void main(String[] args) throws FileNotFoundException {
        Scanner input = new Scanner(new File(args[0]));

        while (input.hasNext()) {
            // etc...

        // etc...

If you are a C++ user, add the following C++ code into a file named Prog0.cpp in the prog0 directory.

// Programming Project 0
// Mike Tiger VI <>

#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>

int main(int argc, char **argv)
    std::ifstream input(argv[1]);
    std::string s;

    while (input >> s)
        // etc...

    // etc...

That framework code demonstrates how to receive a file name on the command line and scan the named file for integers. Replace the etc sections with the logic necessary to perform the sorting task.

Upload the Code

Upload the prog0 to your account. If you use the command line scp client, navigate the Bash prompt to the directory that contains prog0 and execute this command:

scp -r prog0

Here, xx is the unique part of your account name.

Alternatively, you can write your code directly on using one of the Unix text editors, nano, vim, emacs, etc. With this approach, you can make fixes and improvements to your submission without the need to re-upload it with each change.

Note, if you need to re-upload your work after making changes, you might need to delete the prog0 directory on classes before scping a second time.

Test the Code

The Prog0 example is representative of the form taken by all CSC 3102 programming projects: input is given by a file that is named in the argument list, and output is given on the standard output. To test your project, you’ll need an input file. Create a file named input.txt with the following contents and place it in your prog0 directory on

buy it use it break it fix it trash it change it mail upgrade it charge it point it zoom it press it snap it work it quick erase it write it cut it paste it save it load it check it quick rewrite it plug it play it burn it rip it drag it drop it zip unzip it lock it fill it call it find it view it code it jam unlock it surf it scroll it pause it click it cross it crack it switch update it name it read it tune it print it scan it send it fax rename it touch it bring it pay it watch it turn it leave it stop format it

Log in to using your SSH client. This will give you a Bash shell on classes. Here’s another link to the Bash tutorial.


Each programming assignment will include a sample input and output, as above. But be advised that this is not the input that the grader will use to test your code. Be sure your code works with a variety of different input files, with different names.

Submit the Code

To submit your finished code for grading, use the following command. Here, cs3102_koo is your instructor’s account name and 0 is the assignment number.

~cs3102_koo/bin/p_copy 0

You can use p_copy repeatedly if you need to make corrections. It will overwrite the original homework submission with each use. Note that this could cause your work to be considered late if you resubmit after the assignment’s deadline.

Verify that your code was properly submitted by viewing the list of submitted files and their timestamps:

~cs3102_koo/bin/verify 0