CSC 7300  Algorithm Design and Analysis

Fall 2019, Patrick Taylor Hall 1216,  TTh  3:00-4:20 pm


Instructor:  Rahul Shah, Patrick Taylor Hall 3272J,  Office hours:  Wed 10am-12noon

Textbook: Introduction to Algorithms (second/third edition) by  Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest and Stein

Syllabus: Recurrences and Complexity, Sorting and Searching, Divide and Conquer, Dynamic  Programming, Greedy Algorithms, Data Structures, Graph Algorithms, String Matching, NP-completeness and Approximation Algorithms.

Grading:  25% Midterm, 25% Finals, 20% Homeworks, 20% Project, 10% Class/Forum Participation plus extra credits for challenge problems. Grading will be on the curve.
Homework problems can be discussed, but you must write your own answer.

Webpage:  Basic outline material will be on the webpage but most of the course materials will be accessible through Moodle .The course will primarily focus on building Algorithmic Problem Solving skills.