Robert Kooima

Image Deconvolution with GIGO

Spring 2013

This article introduces the concept of the frequency domain and uses GIGO to demonstrate deconvolution, one of many image processing tasks that can be accomplished only through frequency domain processing.

Generalized Perspective Projection

August 2008

This article reviews the mathematics of perspective projection and generalizes its formulation to accomodate arbitrary viewer positions and image planes that lie outside the XY plane. These are motivated by applications in virtual reality display. An implementation in C is provided.

Median Distance Perspective Projection

October 2007

This article examines the use of near and far clipping planes in 3D perspective projection and develops a reformulation of perspective projection that eliminates both near and far clipping. A GLSL implemenetation is provided.

Real-time Digital Dome Rendering

1 July 2008

This article enumerates several GPU-accelerated approaches to the problem of real-time 3D rendering using multi-projector edge-blended digital dome displays. A variety of spherical correction approaches are described, organized in terms of the GPU capability that each exploits. This paper emerged from work performed with the staff of the Space Visualization Laboratory at the Adler Planetarium, using Adler’s Definiti Space Theater. This paper was presented at the 2008 meeting of the International Planetarium Society.