Present Ph.D. Students
  • Srivathsan Srinivasagopalan
  • Jong-Hoon Kim
  • Jerry Weltman
  Present Master's Students
  • Karthik Nagabandi
  • Sandeep Bandi


    Past  Ph.D. Students

43.Jerry Weltman[Spring 2012] {Current Student}
Research Topic: "Natural Language Processing "

42.Jong-Hoon Kim[Fall 2011] {Current Student}
Research Topic: "Autonomous Mobile Pipeline Robot "

41.Srivathsan Srinivasagopalan[Spring 2011]
Research Topic: "Deterministic Algorithms for Oblivious Network Design "
Research Advisor: Dr. Konstantin Busch
Co- Major Professor: Dr. Iyengar

40.Anindya Poddar [Spring 2011]
Research Topic: "Efficient substring discovery using Suffix, LCP Array and Algorithm-Architecture Interaction "
Research Advisor: Dr. Donald Kraft
Co-Major Professor: Dr. Iyengar

39.Dr. Hua Cao[Fall 2007]
Research Topic: "A Novel Automated Approach of Multi-Modality Retinal Image Registration and Fusion"
Software Engineer,
Jackson, Mississippi

38.Wei Ding [Summer 2006]
Research Topic: "Utilizing Peer-to-Peer Approaches in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks"
Assistant Professor of Computer Science,
University of Maine

37.Madhusudhanan Balasubramanian [May 2006]
Research Topic: "A Computational Framework for the Structurl Change Analysis of 3D Volume of Microscopic Specimens "
University of California, San Diego

36.Mengxia Zhu [Fall 2005]
Research Topic: "Adaptive Remote Visualization System for Large Scale Scientific Data " Place of Employment: Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

35.Patrick McDowell[Fall 2005]
Research Topic: "Biologically Inspired Learning System"
Place of Employment: Office of Naval Research,Stennis Space Center, MS

34.Sumanth Yenduri [Summer 2005]
Research Topic:"An Empirical Study of Data Imputation Techniques for Large Scale Software Datasets"
Place of Employment: Univeristy of Southern Mississippi

33. Qishi Wu [Dec 2003]
Research Topic: "Control of Transport Dynamics in Overlay Networks".
Place of Employment: Oak Ridge National laboratory.

32. Brian Pangburn[Dec 2002]
Research Topic: "Experience Based Language Acquisition: A Computational Model of Human Language Acquisition".
Place of Employment: The Pangburn Company Inc.,

31. Sumeet Dua[Dec 2001]
Research Topic: "Techniques to Explore Time-Related Correlation in Large Data Sets " December 2001.
Place of Employment: Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, LA,

30. John Zachary [Dec 2000]
Research Topic: "Content Based Image Retrieval System" December 2000
Place of Employment: University of South Carolina.

29. Elias Khalaf
Research Topic: "Congestion Control Mechanisms for Internet Multicast Transport Protocols" June 2000.
Place of Employment: Loyola College.

28. Thomas Smailus [Dec 2000]
Research Topic: Precision Mapping in a Distributed Multi-Robot Environment.
Place of Employment: LSU-RSIP.

27. Sundar Vedantham [Dec 1997]
Research Topic: Traffic Management and Congestion Control in the ATM Network Model. Place of Employment: Bell Laboratories, New Jersey.

26. Raghuram Yedatore [Dec 1996]
Research Topic: Virtual Central Control.
Place of Employment: ORACLE, San Francisco.

25. Richards Brooks [June 1996]
Research Topic: Reliable Sensor Fusion Algorithms: Calibration and Cost Minimization. Place of Employment: Penn State University, Applied Physics Laboratory.

24. Nitin Naik [June 1996]
Research Topic: An Integrated Network Architecture for a High Speed Distributed Multimedia System.
Place of Employment: NASA Classroom of the Future Program in Wheeling, WV.

23. Amit Nanavati [Dec 1996]; Co-Advisor: Dr. S. Kundu
Research Topic: Designing Diagnosable Distributed Programs.
Place of Employment: NETSCAPE.

22. Lakshman Prasad [May 1995]
Research Topic: "Multiresolution Fault Tolerant Sensor Integration and Object Recognition in Images."
Place of Employment: Los Alamos National Lab.

21. Ramana Rao [May 1995]
Research Topic: "Multiresolution Techniques in Image Processing."
Place of Employment: Los Alamos National Lab.

20. Daryl Thomas [Aug 1994]
Dissertation Topic: "A Theoretical and Empirical Investigation of the Design Requirements of Semi-Autonomous Mobile Robotic Platforms to Assist Individuals Having Severe Motor Disabilities."
Place of Employment: Southwestern Adventist College, Keene, Texas.

19. Sankar Krishnamurthy [May 1994]
Research Topic: "Sequential and Parallel Algorithms for a Vision System."
Place of Employment: Silicon Graphics Corporation, Palo Alto, California.

18. Joon Shik LIM [Dec 1993]
Research Topic: "A Heuristic Approach for Shortest Path Problem with Rectilinear Obstacles.
Place of Employment: University of Korea, Seoul.

17. Weian Deng [Dec 1993]
Research Topic: "An Efficient Class of Edge Detection Algorithm."
Place of Employment: Consulting Company in San Francisco.

16. Don Inglehart [May 1993]
Research Topic: "Synergistic Control of N-body Computer Generated Robots".
Place of Employment: Consultant to State Agencies.

15. Phil Graham [May 1993]
Research Topic: "New Approaches and Techniques for Drawing Lines on Raster Devices."
Place of Employment: Scientist: Boss Film Industry, Los Angeles.

14. Gili Mendel [May 1993]
Research Topic: "Optical Character Recognition Using Morphological Attributes."
Place of Employment: IBM, Kingston, New York. Software Development,
RTP, Raleigh, NC
(919) 543 6408
P.O. Box 12195
3039 Cornwallis Rd.,
Research Triangle Park,
NC 27709-2195

13. Vinayak Hegde [May 1993]
Research Topic: "Software Configuration Techniques for Interconnection Networks and Distributed Systems."
Place of Employment: Software Engineer, Iowa.

12. Maung Htay [Dec. 1992]
Research Topic: "Error Correcting Codes using Neural Networks."
Place of Employment: "Virginia Military Institute, Virginia."

11. Subbiah Rajanarayanan [Dec. 1991]
Research Topic: "Parallel and Distributed Algorithms for a class of Graph related Computational Problems."
Place of Employment: Hewlett-Packard Company, Cupertino, California.

10. KrishnaKumar Narayanan [Dec. 1991]
Research Topic: "New Techniques for Scene Understanding and Parallel Image Processing."
Place of Employment: Digital Equipment Corporation, Palo Alto, California.

9. Sandeep Gulati [Dec. 1990]
Research Topic: "Computational Neural Learning Formalisms for Perceptual Manipulation Singularity Interaction Dynamics Model."
Place of Employment: Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California.

8. Rajendra Srivastava [May 1990]
Research Topic: "Parallelization of Goal Driven Production Systems on Hypercube Machines in 'C' Environment."
Place of Employment: Southern University, Baton Rouge.

7. Mohan Sharma [May 1990]
Research Topic: "Efficient Distributed Algorithms for Network Facility Problems."
Place of Employment: IBM Research Center, Austin, Texas.

6. Sridhar Radhakrishnan [May 1990]
Research Topic: " Parallel Algorithms for a Class of Database Related Problems."
Place of Employment: University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma.

5. Yujean Sheng [May 1990]
Research Topic: "Enforcement of Database Constraints: A Decompositional Approach." Place of Employment: Western Illinois University, Dekalb, Illinois.

4. Wu-Wang [Dec. 1989]
Research Topic: "Model Based 3D Object Recognition and Localization using Properties of Surface Curvatures."
Place of Employment: Metaphor Computer Systems, California.

3. Tai-Tsung Ho [Dec. 1989]
Research Topic: "A Density Based Greedy Channel Routing Algorithms for VLSI Problems."
Place of Employment: McNeese State University, Lake Charles, LA.

2. S. Bhaskar Iyengar [Aug. 1989]
Dissertation Title: A Frame-Work for Efficient Execution of Logic Programs Place of Employment: Winona State University, Minnesota. Co-Advisor: Dr. Hoppe.

1. S. V. N. Rao [Aug. 1989]
Research Topic: "An Algorithmic Framework for Robot Navigation in Unknown Terrains."
Place of Employment: Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee.