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  • Dr. Iyengar's research contributions have spanned a large number of disciplines emphasizing Computational problems in Sensor Networks/Robotics in the context of Signal/Image Integration and Sensor Fusion problems. The application of this work lies in real time tumor tracking systems that is currently involved in development with UT South Western Medical Center.
    His computational framework has led to a novel range of applications in Sensor Architecture, Oceanographic Image Understanding, and Autonomous Systems. He has laid the scientific foundations for cutting-edge software technologies that provide solutions to fundamental problems in sensor fusion, critical event processing, and autonomous systems and led their deployment to a whole range of commercial and government applications.
    More Specifically, Computational aspects of sensor networks are a fascinating area of fundamental scientific interest as well as their technological applications.

  • Contributions to Theoretical Framework and Applications

    Notable Contribution to the discovery of new results in Computational Sensor Networks/ Robotics/ Image Processing and Applications

    Mission-Agile Complex Event Processing System

  • Startup Companies

    • Dr. Iyengar invented the Cognitive Information Management Shell, a complex event processing architecture and engine that innovatively combines automated agent synthesis with machine learning-based agile analytics and distributed databases. This shell introduced a new paradigm for combining machine learning with expert knowledge and human input. This shell could prove to be the most important advance in complex event processing technology in decades.

    • In collaboration with Morph2O and Indian Agricultural Research Institute, Dr. Iyengar led the engineering team at NuLogix Labs, a start up company that he founded in 2010 to commercialize this technology and lead its deployment in the agricultural domain in India and the United States.
      Read more in the USA Today, Baton Rouge Today and LSU Media Center

    • The system Dr. Iyengar and his team developed provides soil and water management information for precise agriculture with an ability to deal with unpredictable environmental conditions. It receives data from ground sensors and satellite imagery to both proactively and reactively provide analytics and control for irrigation, fertilization, yield management, etc.

    • Beginning in 2010, NuLogix has recieved grants totaling over $500,000 from several nongovernmental organizations in developing countries to deploy this technology. This system will provide a convergent platform that provides wide area analytics for several hundred governmental and nongovernmental organizations in the developing world.



His research work was shown on the Discovery channel, History channel, local ABC news affiliates (WBRZ News), Fox TV channel(Fox 44 WGMB), Youtube and major news outlets (LSUReville, The Advocate) around the world, over 60 million homes distributed worldwide (Russia, Korea, Europe, China, India etc.)

One of Dr. Iyengar's students Brian Obe’s love of digital artistry emerged in 1990 with a visit to LSU robotics research laboratory where he was introduced to many techniques and that ended him getting an animation award at the 78th Academy Awards.